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The 80/20 Rule

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

Those of you who have been hanging around me long enough know I do not really believe in strict diets because they are not sustainable. Sure, you can lose a bunch of weight on keto, but are you really never going to have a piece of bread again? Raw vegan sounds great in theory, until its winter and your body needs warming foods. When we get into feelings of deprivation, they often lead to a relapse of sorts. I have a lot of well meaning clients who fall off the wagon time and time again because they can't keep up to the strict rules of eating whatever plan their neighbor told them works, and they forget to enjoy life!

I, instead, prefer the theory of crowding out. We crowd out the "bad foods" which IMO are the heavily processed with synthetics with real foods. By default, our palettes change and we eventually don't want those toxic foods. Yes, you will crave those juices above!

Our bodies were built to withstand quite a bit of what we as humans consume that is not healthy. Hello, kidneys and liver. Thank you! Many experts have different percentages they think are a good balance. I've heard 70/30 or 90/10 and the age-old 80/20 which, IF you are in good health and at a weight you want, I would have to say is the most reasonable. 

Within that rule, I always ask my clients to do two things:

1. Ask themselves if the food they are about to consume is going to serve their body or not.

2. If not, I ask them to chose the good, better, best. 

Example: good is a Caesar salad, better is some added nuts and seeds without croutons, best is a kale base with organic dressing. Get the gist? 

What percentage of your foods are real, actual, organic, natural God-given foods? What percentage is made of foods made with more than 5-7 ingredients? Do a cabinet check and be real. Let's get that 80% optimal so we can enjoy the 20% without any guilt! 

A great way to get back to basics is through one of my online programs. Sometimes we are just bored of what we cook and eat. We need an easy way to upgrade! Check out my signature programs here if a reset is what you need: 



Jes Royston | Green Mama Tribe

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