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No more diets,

No more brain fog, 

No more emotional eating,

No more hormone imbalances, and more.


"Jes gives us the wisdom and perspective (and humor) we need to truly get well both on the inside and the outside."


After 10 years of counseling clients on nutrition, running an online membership, and designing and leading hundreds of nutritional programs - National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach Jes Royston has decided it’s time to pull all of that knowledge into one guide -

for you.

*Includes a full 14 day reset and restore program with 40 delicious recipes!

Once you read this book - you will:

  • Learn how to set health goals you can actually stick to

  • Dive into how gut health can affect your mental wellness

  • See what workouts and plant foods work best for your body

  • Survive socially while completely upgrading your lifestyle

  • Figure out what foods fuel you best so you never have to diet again


God Wants You Well: A Holistic Guide to Honoring Him by Taking Optimal Care of the Body He Blessed You With

Introducing the brand new  transformational journey that 
will support you in making the changes you deserve.

It's time to Reset and Restore.

Group or DIY options!

“If our days are filled with energy, a clear head, happiness, productivity…well, then chasing our kids around the park or tackling a project with passion is easy and enjoyable. If we feel sluggish or have poor digestion, a foggy brain, or a headache, we are losing valuable time on this Earth. We were created to live healthy lives!”
                                            - Jes Royston

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