I have worked with hundreds of clients in my career. I am also a recovering fad dieter,

so I know you’ve been waiting for some magic diet or cure to

appear and fix your belly bloat/low energy/digestive issues.

STRICT DIET PLANS don’t work long-term. 


But here’s the good news: I’ve got a solution for you.


I’m here to help you learn what foods fuel YOUR unique body,

as well as the exercise routines, health, and de-stressing strategies

that work for your life + schedule. 


  • Lose weight quickly and easily by making smart choices

  • Fill up your plate with rich phytonutrients that restore your entire body

  • Built up your immune system

  • Reset your palette and get rid of cravings

  • Ditch old habits that don’t serve you anymore

  • Uncover happiness, more energy, and a feeling of total balance throughout the day

  • Target your gut microbiome for better mental wellness, as well as physical health

If you are feeling "meh" that’s your body telling you it’s time for a change.

So let’s do this. Together.

What's Included: 

  • Customizable Program

  • Full Challenge Guide

  • 14-Day Meal Suggestions

  • Over 40 Recipes

  • Complete Shopping List

  • Food Mood Journal

  • Brand Cheat Sheet 

  • Weekly Food Planner 


After just two weeks, you will see and feel major differences in both your body and your mindset. Because this is NOT a plan of deprivation - it's sustainable. You will be able to eat with your family because the 40 recipes to choose from are delicious! I've tried them all on my kids. And this plan includes desserts!


You do not need to order any fancy powders or pills. We are going to be cleansing your body by using plants only, along with learning how to choose non-toxic products and meal prep simply so the changes stick. This 14-Day Challenge teaches you how to eat foods that are healthy and delicious and you’ll never have to count a single calorie. Instead, you’ll learn how to effortlessly meet your health goals!


You are led in an online group support setting by yours truly. We will have a recorded kick-off call, a private #slack channel, personal follow-up session upon completion. The outcome? You start making long-lasting changes, instead of opting for the next quick fix. Learn how your body feels on real nutrition. This is NOT included in the DIY program option below. Want to join all 4 for a discounted rate? Join my All-Access Membership for support all year long!



Are you ready for this?! YAS you are.


"Empowering is the word I would use to describe this cleanse. Over two weeks I felt lighter, the swelling in my body went away, sugar cravings went away, I took some time for me and had a lot of self reflection. I truly felt amazing after the cleanse and so self accomplished."

Jumpstart fat loss, reset your immune system and
ditch old habits with this 14 day program.

3 Options for You:

1. Do-It-Yourself

Click here to download the 14 Day Reset immediately so you can start whenever you want!


2. Group Cleanse

Click here to sign up for our GROUP WINTER CHALLENGE

starting January 10th!


3. All-Access Pass

Click here to join the Green Mama Membership - and get access to ALL 4 group resets throughout the year!


Questions? Email me here!