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Resolutions VS Change Talk

There is no denying that there are mindset differences between those who are healthy, thin, and in shape and those who are overweight and ill from preventable diseases. It’s just reality.

The healthier people make distinct choices and are willing to make sacrifices that most others do not. If living the wellest (yes, I totally made up that word and love it!) life you can is something you really want, you have to make the necessary changes to make it happen.

Caring for your body or neglecting it - either one of these is tough. It’s tough to get up early, work out, make a smoothie, then prepare a healthy lunch. It’s also tough to sleep in, grab a bagel and coffee on the way to work, feel tired all day, and gain weight that makes you feel uncomfortable. That autonomous decision of which type of tough you want to live is only up to you.

We are going to talk about goals and how to properly set them. And yes, believe it or not, there is a science to it. I want to introduce you first, though, to something I often give my clients during the beginning of our time together, not only so I can assess how ready they are for change, but also so they can really dig into why they want to make the changes.

Take a minute to grab a journal. You can alternatively type these answers into your phone. We’ll be taking a bit of time to examine these questions. Starting with the one below. Please do this. It’s so important!

What are the top three things you want to change right now?

Consider your answers. There must be some things that you already know you need to change about your eating habits, stress levels, fitness routine. Maybe some of you are struggling with a diagnosis. Others of you may want natural ways to help ailments that have been plaguing you for years. Think about why you picked up this book. Whatever is on your heart now, write it down.

Now let’s think about the advantages of changing your behavior to reach these goals. Say you want to safely get off a medication under your doctor’s care but know you need a diet overhaul in order to do so safely. Maybe you have been holding on to an uncomfortable number of pounds since your pregnancy and want to feel like you did before. Take some time to write out the positives about moving forward.

What are some reasons to make these changes?

What good will come of making these changes in other aspects of your life besides just health?

What benefits can you see in your future that would be caused by making these changes?

How has your primary care provider said your health would be better?

Once you reflect on these answers, you will be better able to set realistic goals for yourself. And that, my friend, is way better than the same old list of New Years Resolutions!

If you want to dive in to more change talk and how to set SMART goals, buy my God Wants You Well book at Amazon or Barnes and Noble today!



Jes Royston | Green Mama Tribe

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